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The Interior of a beginner’s Makeup Kit

The Interior of a beginner’s Makeup Kit

The Interior of a beginner’s Makeup Kit

The process of assembling a quality makeup kit can be complicated and overwhelming for the most experienced makeup enthusiast, let alone not even a novice to makeup. With thousands upon thousands of items to pick from, it's easy to become a bit confused when trying to figure out which products will work for you.

Don't be worried, as you're only starting out and are looking for a great guide (or perhaps you're an experienced user who wants to change things up) we've created an entire list of cosmetic products, staples and tools you'll need in your makeup bag.

It gets better -- we spoke with experts in the field of makeup to discover which products are among the top. New York-based makeup artist Sharon Becker, as well as the Emmy-winning makeup designer for HBO's hugely popular program Euphoria Donni Davy Both discussed the top essential makeup products to include in the makeup starter kit.

We can assure you that they're not just simple to use for beginners However, they've been tested and quickly become pros favorites.

Everyone enjoys the excitement of the first kit for makeup that you get! We at skybeauty recognize that this can be quite a big investment both in terms of time and cost and so, before you begin buying your groceries, we'll look at all the essentials. SkyBeauty aims to get the products you need at every price!

For makeup you're likely to need these beauty products to help you get started!

Skin & Eye Primer

To minimize pores, avoid wrinkles in the eye area, as well as helping makeup stay on the face.



A Foundation & Concealer Palette


It is a must have palette that ranges from fair to dark tones. Most concealer and foundation palettes use cream colors. It is a full coverage makeup product, ideal for editorial, film and other special occasions.

If you prefer to use fluid foundations on your clients, begin with at least three shades (one natural toned ivory and one middle warm tones tan and one ultra-warm toned warm shade.) This allows you to mix them to make a perfect match to your clients.

Skin hues are classified as warmer or more ruddy. Warmer skin tones have a yellow tone, while the ruddy ones tend to be more pink. The majority of people have a warm complexion, so stay clear of too many ruddy hues when looking for your first makeup kit.



Face Palette


You should purchase a palette that has various shades of color. For contouring, you'll need at minimum three brown matte shades that are suitable for light skin tones, the other for skin with medium, and one for darker skin. To highlight your options, skybeauty suggests two neutral warm tones matte choices two light/medium shades, one dark/medium and one highlight that shimmers. These highlight and contouring palettes could be creams or powders, depending on you prefer!





As a beginner kit, you'll need the most matte colors with a large portion of neutral shades and some brighter shades, and some shimmers into.



A Basic Lipstick Palette

You'll need to pick an array of corals, red pinks and even nudes. A collection of clear and matte shades is the best. A palette allows you to mix up different colors to choose the ideal shade for your customer.

If you are a fan of a particular kind of lipstick that isn't in a palette you might consider using a Vueset palette. skybeauty also recommends keeping a lip gloss that is clear to give your lips some shine, and up the glow.



An Excellent Brow Kit

The color palette should range between light taupe to dark brown, perhaps even black. There are a variety of shades of pencils or creams, and/or pick a color palette.

It's important to have a variety of eyebrow shades that perfectly blend with the sparse brows of your customer, and various kinds of products permit various brow styles. (ie that you must have several creams or pencils along with powders to be prepared in the event that your client requires a full eyebrow drawn in and powder will not help create a new eyebrow, however, it will allow you to fill the holes



Eyeliner and Lip Liner

Gel, liquid pencil, cake liners, or pencil are all good choices. Find out which media you're comfortable with and ensure you have at minimum two brown and black. You could even add some shades if you're taking shots!

You can use colored mascara to make your eyes more dreamy.



Setting Powder

Setting powder is vital for setting any style! When applying powder blushes, highlights, and contours, you must apply the foundation first because otherwise the powders will stick to the skin and not mix. The foundation will become slick as a result.

skybeauty recommend loose, loose-grained powder as well as a puff of powder to make our clients' faces look more defined since you can apply a significant amount of product on the skin, and this is vital to set heavy cream foundations. But, you can also apply pressed powder or brushes if you prefer.


. Make sure you're applying setting Powder instead of Finishing Powder. Setting Powder was developed to set makeup and keep your skin from smudging after you've applied it.


Finishing Powder is designed to complete the makeup after it's already been set using setting powder as well as blushed and contoured.

Finishing powder is applied with the use of a fan or fluffy brush. A very thin layer is brushed across the face to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines. A small amount is enough and we've seen the red carpet images of women with white circles over their eyes.

It's as a result of their makeup professional applying finishing powder to apply their foundation, rather than setting the powder. you don't need to make this mistake.



A Solid and Trustworthy Setting Spray 

Setting spray can help you stay healthy when you're on setting all day or the environment is particularly humid. We've discovered that spraying a small amount of setting spray on the primer on your face prior to when you start your makeup, and after your makeup is finished will hold the makeup for the entire day!



We will then provide you with a list of tools you will require! The top products require the most powerful tools! !

Makeup Brushes

  • Here are some fundamentals to help your makeup look more perfect:
  • Angled (Fairly Dense) Contourer
  • Medium Dual Brush
  • Angled (Fairly Dense) Foundation Brush
  • Medium Brush (for finishing powder)
  • Small fan Brush (also known as a Small Tapered Face Brush (for highlight)
  • Big Flat Eyeshadow Brush
  • small flat eyeshadow brush (Lid color)
  • A soft Blending brush (for color blending and crease coloring)


Beauty Blender

To mix foundations, as well as other liquid substances. For your bag, you may require several. This is due to the fact that you require a fresh version for every client and if you're dealing with three clients on a given day you shouldn't need to clean them between your work.


Make sure you have your beauty box!

  • Consider investing in a beauty box to keep everything safe and sound.
  • Soft-sided boxes are lighter than traditional designed for customers' hangouts.
  • 3 tiered accordion, or stackable configurations that grow with the needs of.
  • There are plenty of compartments to help with organization. 


For more details look at our infographic to help with this!

You're there! skybeauty carries everything you require to start with your perfect beauty kit. we're here to assist you with finding the items you require at our store as well as fashion trends, makeup tutorials ,makeup tips and makeup ideas...

 stay tuned....